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About the Wisconsin nests that are followed on the BCAW Wisconsin Topic..
The first sites listed are sponsored individually by the companies or universities that host the nestboxes. They each have their own webcams and websites. These include:
Alma located at the Dairyland Power Cooperative, Mississippi River
BioSci located at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Genoa located at the Dairyland Power Cooperative, Mississippi River March 2021 cam not working
Kimberly located at the New Page Mill in Kimberly, Wisconsin (2012 cam not working)
Madison Gas & Electric at Blount Street Power Plant in Madison
Malteuop located in Green Bay at the Malteuop Plant in West Milwaukee
Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MEMC) Located in Wauwatosa WI. Former WE Energies Milwaukee County Power Plant
Molson Coors-Milwaukee Brewing
Oshkosh located at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Pulliam located in Green Bay at the Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) Power Plant
Racine located on the Racine County, Wisconsin, Court House
Veolia Water Milwaukee located on the southwest corner of the Milorganite fertilizer factory's roof west of the Hoan Bridge.
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Located in a a converted vent in the Cofrin Library.

The remaining nests included here are sponsored by WE Energies and are located at their various power plants in Wisconsin and they share a common website. The WE Energies sites include
Oak Creek, Presque Isle in Marquette, Pleasant Prairie, Port Washington, Valley in Downtown Milwaukee.

Wisconsin has many other nest sites that do not have cams. I encourage you to post any Wisconsin falcon related information on this topic for One-Stop Wisconsin Falcon info!!!

Wisconsin Posts from 2009 to present have been moved from general Archives section to the Wisconsin Archives Forum and are arranged by year.


ALMA - Dairyland Power Cooperative, Mississippi River
CAM: and
FEMALE: banded, but not identified
MALE: banded, but not identified

This nest is at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI on the roof of the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Building, also called the Bio-Sci Building.
FEMALE: Unbanded, same female believed to return each year since 2010
MALE: 84/r, b/r Lightning, Since 2014. Hatched 2012 WE Energies Oak Creek Power Plant. Parents Elclipse and Scott
Lightning fathered 3 chicks at Milwaukee Power Plant and likely moved here early June 2014 leaving mate at Milwaukee County Power alone to raise chicks.
Previous 54/M, b/g "Hoffmann", 2009-2013/14. 2003 Hatch at Edgewater Generating Station in Sheboygan. Body found in June atop Bio-Sci building

GENOA - Dairyland Power Cooperative, Mississippi River
USTREAM CAM March 2021 - Off Air
FEMALE: 2014 - new female Roschen, 83W, a 2012 hatch from Horizon Milling, Lake City, Minnesota. PREVIOUS: Jezebel, 2007 fledge from American Republic Insurance Building in Des Moines, Iowa. Original female, Scooter displaced in 2009
MALE: Lucas

CAM (YouTube)
The nest box is located in a converted vent in the Cofrin Library.
FEMALE: Mimi (b/r D/54)
MALE: Rupert (b/r H/24)
Mimi (Female) is larger than Rupert (Male). If you are able to see the leg bands, Mimi's is black over red D/54 and Rupert's is black over red H/24. Rupert's plumage color fades more from blue to gray as you move from head to tail, where Mimi's color is a more consistent light blue color along the entire back. Rupert also has two faint white spots on the back of his head.

KIMBERLY - NEW PAGE MILL Jan 2021 link not working
This nest is at the New Page mill located on the lower Fox River. Fox River flows from Lake Winnebago into Lake Michigan at Green Bay in Kimberly, WI. Active only during nesting season.
FEMALE: Rose (b/g) M/51 hatched in 2006 in Lake City, MN
MALE: Unidentified

Located at the Blount St. Power Plant in Madison
FEMALE: Trudy - unbanded, think since 2012
MALE: Melvin since 2015, Hatched 2013 at Oak Creek parents are Eclipse and Scott.
Previous - Verne (b/g) E42, 2007 hatch at We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant. 2010-2015, returned in 2015 and was replaced by Melvin

MALTEUROP MALT PLANT IN West Milwaukee. Jan 2021 link not working
FEMALE: "Amylase" (b/r) *E/*S, since 2010. Hatched 2008 US Steel old coke plant in Gary, IN. PREVIOUS - "Raynie" from 1998 to 2009. (b/r) A/*H a 1995 produced falcon from Chicago.
MALE: "JJ" (b/g) 96/N, since 2009, hatched 2005 at the Renew Energy site at Jefferson, WI (old Ladish/Cargill site)

MILWAUKEE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER (MRMC) in Wauwatosa WI former WE Energies Milwaukee Cnty Power Plant
FEMALE: (b/r) 33/U, hatched 2012, Eastlake Power Plant in Eastlake, Ohio
Previous: MadameX (b/r) 47/X, since 2013, hatched 2010 at the US Bank site in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. on 2/27/14 MadameX was found shot and she is unreleasable.
MALE: Lightning (b/r) 84/R hatched 2012 at Oak Creek Power Plant. 2014. Also of note, on June 10, 2014, Lightning was identified at the UW Milwaukee Bio-Sci site where he apparently displaced Hoffman. Lightning has been raising Hoffman's chicks as his own. We do not know if he is returning to this nest.
Previous: Polyo (b/g) E/65, since 2013, hatched 2008 at We Energies Port Washington WI. Polyo nested at the nearby Mayfair Mall site in 2010 and 2011.

Molson Coors-Milwaukee Brewing
BOTH CAMS: or SEPARATE CAMS (I think the views are identical) and
MALE: Donald (b/blu) 65/A; hatched 2106 At St. Joseph's Hospital Milwaukee WI.
FEMALE: Unbanded

OSHKOSH - UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN at Oshkosh Jan 2021 neither :furious: working
FEMALE: Deborah - b/r 04/E. Hatched 2009. Daughter of Nona and Squawker at Evanston Library in Evanston, Ill.
MALE: “Talon” (b/g) 51/R, since 2013, hatched 2011 at the Georgia Pacific paper mill in Green Bay, WI. PREVIOUS: Hondo - b/g H/56. banded in June 2008 at WPL. Edgewater Generating Station in Sheboygan.

PULLIUM POWER PLANT, Wisconsin Public Service Power Plant in Green Bay
Cam active only during nesting season
FEMALE: Beth (b/g) 25/B (hatched in 2003 at Waukegan IL)
MALE: Unidentified, but Banded b/r. Previous: (b/g) 45/H hatched in 2001 at Grand Haven, MI

RACINE in Racine Wisconsin on the County Court House
FEMALE: (b/g) R/13, since 2009, produced in 2007 at the Tower Building in South Bend IN
MALE: “Beaster” (b/g) 67/M, since 2008, hatched 2005 at We Energies Pleasant Prairie Power Plant

VEOLIA WATER MILWAUKEE: Box is on the SW corner of the Milorganite fertilizer factory's roof one of the the tallest buildings on Jones Island, located west of the Hoan Bridge.
CAM: This cam times out after about a minute

WESTON POWER PLANT, Wisconsin Public Service Power Plant in Rothschild WI
Cam active only during nesting season
FEMALE: Rosalee, b/r C/94. FWS1947-22068, since 2015, 2014 hatch at Madison Gas & Electric. Parents Verne and Trudy
MALE: Sheldon, b/r 19/M since 2015, 2013 hatch at Oshkosh, parents are Talon and Deborah!


Oak Creek at Oak Creek WI
FEMALE: (b/r) 66/X, since 2014. Hatched 2012 at the East Chicago Mittal Steel Indiana Harbor West nest, Lake County, IN. Previous: Eclipse (b/r) 67/H [since 2011] a 2009 falcon produced at the Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus OH
MALE: Matt (b/r) 38/N since 2014. Hatched 2012 at Midwest Generation site, Waukegan, IL. His mother is Fran (b/g) 5/*X, who Greg banded as a nestling under the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee in 1999. His father is Greg (b/g) 92/N, also banded by Greg as a nestling at the Racine County Courthouse in 2005 Previous: Scott (b/g) M/Y, since 2006. Hatched 2000 at the Malteurop complex (formerly Froedtert Malt complex) in West Milwaukee, WI

Pleasant Prairie at Pleasant Prairie WI:
FEMALE: Thilmany [b/g 44/N] since 2009 hatched 2007 at the Thilmany Mill, Kaukauna WI
MALE: PBR - (b/r) 07/B) since 2012 Hatched at Milwaukee’s Miller Brewery nest site in 2009

Presque Isle at Marquette Michigan
FEMALE: (b/g) *P/*S, since 2011, hatched 2008 at Grand Haven L and P, Sims Plant, Grand Haven MI
MALE: Unbanded – likely the same male present since 2011.

Port Washington at Port Washington WI
FEMALE: Brinn (b/r) 84/X, hatched 2012 at Gold Hoist cliff at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, which is located over 300 miles from the Port Washington site.
Previous: Indy Froona (b/g) *V/*Y, 2011-2013, hatched 2009 at the Market Tower nest site in Indianapolis IN
MALE: Ives (b/g) 78/N, since 2007 hatched 2004 at the Edgewater Generating Station site in Sheboygan WI
Port Washington photos by Susan E
The southernmost section where blue arrow is pointing

Perspective from parking lot on south side
Image Image

Valley in Downtown Milwaukee WI
FEMALE: unbanded female, since 2015
Previous: Maya (b/g) M/12, since 2009, hatched 2006 at the WPS Weston Power Plant in Rothschild, Wis. Maya nested at Milwaukee’s US Bank site in 2007 and 2008
MALE: Hercules (b/r) 60/R, since 2014. Hatched 2011 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee
Previous: Swede (b/g) P/Z, since 2006, Hatched 1999 WPS Green Bay WI Pulliam. Found dead of head trauma in winter 2014.

Milwaukee County Power Plant at Wauwatosa WI ~ See Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) in General Wisconsin nests

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Racine Wisconsin falcon cam is LIVE
Feb 17, 2019
SNOWSTORM in MN and Iowa so its probly movin to Wis

This link is a change from last year
I cant access last year



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